I have had to take a couple of minutes to let this sink in. I have finally started up a blog to help myself and to help others, and it all seems so real. I’m not running from my problems anymore or pushing them to the back of my mind. I’m going to face them head on. Not because I wan’t to- but because I have to.

I am going to remain completely anonymous on this blog except tell you that I am a 19 year old girl who is suffering from ROCD. I am a girl who wants and needs to overcome this, and I want to help others along the way and after as well.

I have sought help from the internet, from blogs, and funnily enough from my own mind. It’s still and on going problem and I don’t see why myself and others can’t beat this.

I will be uploading on this blog about my ROCD when I feel ready to, and I hope it gives at least a glimpse of help to others. That would be great. It feels like a battle and if any of you reading have ROCD, you will know what I mean. Let us unite.

I hope you will come on this journey with me to beat this. I will be uploading several posts about it, some which I feel will help others, and some that will help myself. Ya’know- just get it all out.

I’m excited and nervous about this but it’ll be fine. Things always are.

Thanks for reading my intro. If you feel anyone will benefit by following this blog then great. I just want to help. Oh boy do I want to help.

With love xox