My ROCD triggers 

Hey guys

Final blogpost of the night as I am knackered!! 

I just wanted to quickly talk about some triggers of my ROCD. Check out my last blog post about ROCD and an ex and I will also talk about what triggers them thoughts! 

So, my ROCD general triggers are as follows: 

Romantic films (comparing on screen relationships to my own) 

Love songs

Being intimate (obsessing over how I feel) 

When I’m on my own, having panicky thoughts and not getting reassurance 

Not wanting to be intimate ( will I ever want to be? Is there a reason? ) 

Seeing someone good looking and panicking that I find someone else attractive 

Knowing that there is a good day planned ahead or when I’m having a good time the thoughts will arise 

When I am tired/ stressed 
my ROCD triggers to do with ex 

Seeing a picture of them 

When I’m having a good time 

Spending time with my boyfriend 

When I think to myself that I’m having a good time, his name will pop up (intrusive) 

I used to get them when someone mentioned his name or I talked about it but not so much anymore

When I have to do challenging work (it was really obsessive around the time of exams because of stress) 

When I heart broken songs, I have to link the situation I was in at the time 

When I am tired/ stressed 

When I am alone with my own thoughts ( this has improved, and there will be a blog post on that) 
There are many other triggers that I can’t think of at the moment but will edit this post when I do. 


Just a reminder that you don’t need reassurance of anything and that you are strong enough mentally to fight intrusive thoughts and you will come out stronger. 

Sorry for any spelling errors, it’s late!! 

With love xox 


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