What is ROCD?

Hey guys 
Sorry for not posting! Still taking baby steps to get it all out. I thought a good post would be to talk about what ROCD is and how you can recognise it. 
So ROCD stands for relationship ovsessive conpoulsive disorder and yes, you guessed it, is a type of OCD. 

It is where someone will experience intrusive and distressing thoughts about their relationship, and how strong their feelings are and a lot of other sh*t thoughts too. 

Common questions which I have gotten off a website and I will link at the bottom and are ones that I read when researching ROCD were ones that put me at ease: 

“What if I don’t really love my partner?”

“What if he/she is not ‘the one’?”

“What if I’m not really attracted to him/her?”

“If I don’t think about my partner all day long, do I really love him/her?”

“If I didn’t “completely” enjoy that one kiss, does that mean I’m not really attracted to my partner?”

“I noticed another attractive guy/girl…that must mean I’m in the wrong relationship!”

“I enjoyed having alone time today while my partner was visiting their relatives. This must mean I’m not truly in love with my partner.”

“There are times when I feel turned off by the thought of intimacy or sex with my partner. This must be proof that I’m not sexually attracted to them and therefore in the wrong relationship.”

“I can imagine cheating on my partner, therefore I must secretly want to be with someone else.”

Fixation on flaws or negative aspects of a partner’s appearance or character.

Fixation on compatibility and/or long-term viability of the relationship.

Obsessive concern about harming one’s partner emotionally by staying in a relationship if you may not truly love them.

This is just brief overview of ROCD and the starting point that I was at, discovering that I had it. For my next blog post (which will be uploaded after this one) I will talk  about my personal experience and what I have suffered with, and still do suffer with. 

Just a reminder that it does get better and that we are on this journey together. 

Here’s a link to the website I got the questions off. It’s very useful!! 


With love xox 


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