Obsessive thoughts and the need for reassurance 

Hey guys 

In one of my previous blog posts, I briefly talked about how when I was having the worst of the worst obsessive thoughts, I would seek reassurance that that’s all they were- obsessive. It became viscous and the people I was seeking it from were the people I cared about the most and it might’ve even been about them. So I stopped. I stopped seeking reassurance because I know I am strong enough to do it on my own, and I believe in myself. Even on the lowest of days, I believe in myself. When I have minor setbacks, I believe in myself and continue to move forward. 

Sometimes it’s hard though. Obsessive thoughts are called that for a reason- they are obsessive. They make you believe what you are thinking is true and they make you feel guilty. For me I could be at a low point with my obsessive thoughts but then it goes after a short while and I question why I was believing them when I know they are not true. 

I think this blog post is just me having a little ramble because it helps. 

Obsessive thoughts target what you care about the most, and they will target you when you are stressed as well. But that’s okay. 

And the reason it is okay, is because the more you remind yourself that they are just obsessive thoughts, the weaker they will become and the stronger you will become. 

When they are triggered I just fill with anxiety. I used to push these thoughts aside but they came back stronger. So what I do know, is stop, think about the thought and say to myself that it is just obsessive. And sometimes my head will argue back and try and trick me and give me reasons to believe they are not obsessive, even though I know they are! So I am still working on that. I have gotten better with reminding myself that they are just obsessive, I just need to stop thinking so deeply into a thought and feeding it. 

The worst obsessive thoughts without a doubt for me are ROCD thoughts. They are a killer. But I have grown- I don’t require the reassurance I once did to get rid of them. I can neutralise them myself and remind myself that’s all they are. Will it stop them from ever crossing my mind? It might not. But they won’t make me feel bad. Because I won’t let them. 

I’ve quickly just typed this post as I was thinking and haven’t checked through or anything but hopefully you get the gist!! 

Keep going guys 

With love xox 


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