It’s been a weird one 

Hey guys 

It’s been a weird one today. I’ve actually started listening to my own advice. 

I am constantly talking about the need to keep reminding myself that a thought is obsessive, which I do, but that is normally followed by “is it though?” questions, and it’s fooookin shit.

However, today I haven’t given it the time of day. Everytime something popped into my head that was unwanted, I just said to myself “it’s an obsessive thought”. I didn’t even question if it was or let my ROCD do that. I just said it was. I decided. Because I have the strength and power to. And because I know they are just obsessive. 

What I’m trying to say is, is this is a big step, and one I plan to keep on taking. I look back at the other day when I was having a really bad ROCD day and now I’m just thinking “what was I thinking letting that get to me, it was clearly an obsessive thought.” 

And now I just keep reminding myself that. Because I know they are. They are the same thoughts that come back and give me the same shitty feeling that they always have done. (Maybe not always because I’ve learnt to control it in some aspects but still) But I ain’t going to let it anymore. I have the power to control what is happening, and I trust myself. I know they are obsessive. 

On my lowest day’s I won’t believe that, but I will keep reminding myself. Because I can. I have the power. 

U got dis guys!!!!!! 

With love xox 


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